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Youtube Subscribers Most

youtube subscribers most

youtube subscribers most

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The Channel YouTube Channel With The Most Subscribers in 2020 is T Series, PiewDiePie and cocomelon. Your going to learn all about youtube subscribers and how has the most youtube subscribers.
Most Subscribers love unique channels like the one above and its very interesting learning about the most subscribers on youtube channels are and who the most subscribers on youtube are in 2020.
This video, we're going to talk about YouTube subscribers most the age old question, who has the most subscribers? Who makes the most money? Who's got the most views? Make sure you stick around to the end and you're going to find out who is the richest YouTube dive in. Number one, who has the most subscribers is T series, which is like a India music thing. I tried to watch their videos, they were cool, but you know, I don't understand a word. Their highest and most popular video was like this Indian rap song, I guess guru Rhonda high rated guru official song. And it's kind of cool. He's got like a Ferrari and rides around on a scooter if you're into that, but they have 136 million and I guess there was a huge beef between a T series and Poodie pie. And they had like this whole thing and pretty pie made a pretty funny song about it.
But they get, they've gotten one 105.9 billion views. They only have 14,000 videos and they've just gotten a crazy amount of views. But there must just be famous as as all get out in India. So I think that's pretty cool. All right, next one is pretty pie is a Swedish gamer. He started in 2014. He has 104 subscribers and I guess he has a new thing. He's got 25.3 billion views with a 4,000 and some videos the last 30 days he's gotten almost 300 million views. 29 videos. Really, really crazy man. Who do you buy? Mostly does like gaming stuff, comedy stuff. He's just an all around pretty awesome dude. All right. And then coming in number three, the infamous Coco Mellon. I'm just kidding. I've never heard of these guys, but they are the third most subscribed to and watched. Obviously they are aiming for a younger demographic of nursery rhymes and you know, giving your kids something to watch when you can't handle them anymore.
Great for quarantine time. That's a lot of views. He 8.4 billion views with a B for only 521 videos. That's pretty good. So they make cartoons and things like that. All right. Next we're going to talk about what YouTube video has gotten the most views overall. And the winner is a desk Pasito with Luis, Fonzie and daddy Yankee, which if you ever find out words to that song, it's incredibly dirty. Let's see how many views. That's a lot of views. 6 billion views, 37 million likes. Yeah, 11 billion views. 3.27 comments. Does crazy stuff man. Their SEO is a hundred. It gets 64.7 views, thousand views per hour. That is a powerful video that they got there. Okay. And then the next thing we're going to talk about is the YouTube video that got the most views in just 24 hours. And it was a, these BTS Korean guys with a song called boy with love featuring Halsy and they broke like all the records getting, I think it was like 24 million views in 24 hours or something crazy like that.
And they were just kind of a really big sensation. So those are the top, top. Now we're going to talk about who makes the most money on YouTube. And it's kind of no surprise, but it's still very surprising. It's Ryan's world. His kid, he just gets to play with toys and him and his family make a reviews for kids' toys and stuff like that, and he makes the most money coming in at $26 million for playing with toys, reviewing, making videos, and putting it up there. So if you guys are having kids and nothing to do right now, get them to work. So that is my video on YouTube subscribers most. I hope you like it. Enjoy. Please, please, please check out the comments. I have a full, incredible YouTube video course where you're going to learn how to monetize fast and make money with YouTube and just blow your channel up. So click below, check it out, like subscribe. Thanks for watching.

Learn more about youtube subscribers most https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most-subscribed_YouTube_channels

Learn how to start a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUKrNpoaEQI&list=PL3Dg_7Li-FeiZXwz6bSnBk8ysrogWXkfE

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