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YouTube SEO

Youtube SEO

youtube seo

Learn All About YouTube SEO In this podcast I am very focused on video marketing and a key part of this working in using youtube seo to rank inside of youtube so you can get views on your videos for free!!!

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Youtube SEO

youtube seo is how you can optimize your videos so that the search engines and understand where rank your video inside of youtube.

We are going to be going into the best practices of youtube seo in 2020. You are going to learn how to do video seo, video marketing, and how to rank videos in the search results. How to rank videos is actually not as hard as you may think all you have to do is take a little bit of extra time to optimize your video, title, headline, description and tags in reality the most important thing you can do is create incredible great content and then you just rank your youtube videos so that the world can find them and  so learning how to rank on youtube is very powerful and lead to you making lots of money and living a awesome life so be sure to pay attention and watch all my videos on seo and video optimization.

Youtube rankings are based on watch time, click through and audience retention witch means keeping your viewer entertained is the most important ranking factor.

All great SEO starts Youtube keyword research you can do this by searching in the google keyword planner or simply using the youtube search bar I will connect to my other video all about keyword research here

The next thing you want to optimize are your youtube tags these tags are to tell google what your video is about and were it should be shown.

One of the best ways to create great videos is to edit videos for youtube and put a lot of extra work into making your videos look and feel the best they possibly can.

It is important to understand the meta data you are tell youtube bots to check out so be sure learn more about meta data and see what your video are telling the bots.

I hoe you enjoy my youtube search engine optimization tutorial and that you picked up some great tips on how to do youtube seo.

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So today we're going to be talking about how to get more subscribers on YouTube, how to get more views, more likes, more comments. Basically just blow up. I've been doing SEO for 10 years now and now I am just super focused on YouTube SEO and making sure that your quality content ranks and YouTube and people can see it, people can find you. So you can actually start getting monetized. You can start making a lot of money. So the first thing I want to talk about is YouTube SEO. Now it might seem like it's a big scary thing, but it's actually very simple. It just takes just a little bit at a time, more than just blasting a bunch of crap up then nobody watches. Okay? So the first thing you have to do when you're doing a YouTube SEO is keyword research. The best tools for keyword research are keywords everywhere.

And probably to buddy or vid IQ, you just need one of one of those to tell you what it is. That is an easy thing to rank for or as hard to rank for or has a lot of search volume, search volume is what it means is if you have one of those programs, you can actually see how many things people are searching for every month, how many viewers you have, how many potential customers you have to watch your video that you're about to put out there. Okay. And I almost recommend first doing your keyword research, right? Coming up with titles and thumbnails and then recording your videos. All right? So I recommend that. But after you do your keyword research, you're gonna find that there are certain topics that are just impossible to rank for for a small beginning channel. And there are certain headlines and titles that are easy to rank for anything that is below a point 30 in competition.

If you have keywords everywhere, you'll see that it's something that you can rank for fairly easily, even appoint 50. You can anything over that though is just about out of the question at the beginning of a YouTube because you have to build up a 40 in YouTube because YouTube is owned by Google. All Google cares about is authority, relevance and trust. Okay? So if you can show that your channel has authority in a niche, it's relevant and it's trustworthy, you're not doing spammy stuff or whatever, then you're going to rank higher. But you have to build that authority over time and you have to first dominate certain niches and start getting some views to your channel. Right? Now, let's talk about after keyword research. There's certain things that you should know and that you should do. Number one is it's not that big a deal, but do it anyways.

There's only so many things that you can optimize per video. So you might as well take the time to optimize everything. Go into your video file before you upload it and title everything, the keyword that you're trying to rank, okay? And then upload it to YouTube. This may seem stupid and some people say it doesn't matter, but every little thing helps because literally on YouTube, all these videos are competition, right? If your video has a better thumbnail, a better title, and is a better quality video and it has all the keywords ranked inside of it, you're going to rank higher and you're going to get recommended and that's how you're going to blow up. C is really a competition on YouTube. That's why I kind of am digging it. That's why I like SEO too because it's kind of hard, but then once you figured out and you learn how to just kick ass at it, you can just take off, right?

The world is your oyster. It's such a powerful tool that Google is literally giving us for free and all we have to do is do it how they would like us to do it. You know they want watch time, they want click through rate. They want people staying on their channel and they want to them watching as many videos as possible. It's just that simple. So optimize your video as much as you can to be for that keyword. It's just an added bonus. All right? Next thing is going to be your title, your description, and your tags. Okay? Now these things are important, right? And it's important to even put a little bit of extra effort. All right? So I think what you can do is you can find the video that is already ranking for what you're trying to rank for. See what tags they use, right?

This is all premeditated. Take their tags, put it on a WordPress sheet, and then space them all out so they're all individualized, and then write the description for your video. That way you have every tag that you want to rank for already prewritten in your description once it's written, can you just copy and paste it and you put it on YouTube. That way when the Google, YouTube bots are reading your description, you're going to have all the keywords in there, right? And that's what Google likes. They're all about keywords and you're not keyword stuffing. You're just mentioning all the tags that your video is trying to rank for, okay? That is probably the most powerful thing you can do in the description, right? As well as being detailed in telling the bot what the video is about, right? But you also want it to be able to be read by people because people are going to be watching your videos and reading your descriptions.

Any you'll going where the links that you want them to go to. Now, now that's one method of what you can do with the tags. But what I've also learned is that instead of using really stupid tags in your thing, use long tail keywords. Okay, let's say you have a highly targeted keyword you're going for, right? So you want to rank for that. So those are the tags that you should put out the first of your tags. But what if there are other long tail keywords that are easy to rank for, right, that aren't necessarily being used in your tags? Well, you should use those long tail keywords because once you publish the video, hopefully you'll rank for your main keyword. But you might also have the video rank for a whole bunch of long tail keywords that are super easy to rank for as well.

This is how you see lots of videos being ranked for certain things all over the internet, all over YouTube. So use long tail keywords that make sense. Don't just put a bunch of random things in your tags, but you use long tail keywords. That makes sense. So you can rank for those when you post a video as well. And the next one is basically after you do your headline, you know your thumbnail, you upload your video, you have your description and your tags, right? Those are all the things you can do on YouTube. SEO basically like on there. Now let's talk about off page or more like off of uploading SEO. The first thing you want to do as soon as you upload a video is you want to watch it all the way through, okay? You also want to like it and you want to leave a comment and in the comment, it doesn't hurt to add the keywords for your video.

Okay? And the reason you wanna do this is because in the first 24 to 48 hours of you uploading a video, YouTube is going to do some series judging of what this video is about. It's all bots, right? There's not like there's real people looking at your videos. It's all robotic algorithms that are deciding whether you should rank this or not. So on the first 24 hours that you upload a video, you should watch your own video all the way through so that it starts off on the best foot, okay? Cause all YouTube cares about is for people to stay on their platform, to watch all the content that is on YouTube so that they can run ads so that they can make more money and so that they can keep staying in business and keep providing people with the service of this awesome platform.

Okay, so watch time is King. Retention is King. Keeping people on YouTube is what the algorithm is basically set up for. Okay? So you want to watch your video all the way through. You want to like it, you want to comment it and then you want to get a bunch of social signals, right? You can do this by going to Facebook groups about YouTube or, or you can go to Reddit groups, there's even LinkedIn groups, but you really just want to, as soon as you have a new video, you want to just spread it all over the internet. Okay? And we're going to talk about using Google properties in a second, but you want to get these social signals. So Twitter, tumbler, blogger, Facebook, all those, you want to send them out. But you actually want to figure out how to get a little bit of traction.

So you want to do some not so click baity but you just want to ask people to please take a look at my video. See what you think. People will seriously fight to tell people their own opinion on stuff. So just ask for people to give you an opinion on your new videos or to leave a comment of what you think. And any comment is actually kinda good. I mean this like thumbs are not so good because if you're in competition with another video and the one video has dislikes, it's going to go down. You know what I mean? But it's just important to get a lot of social sigmas. Okay. After you upload it, you do your social signaling. Now we're going to get into some serious YouTube SEO. All right? So Google loves Google authority, relevance, trust. Those are the Kings of Google, right?

Google owns YouTube. So what you do is as soon as you upload a new video, you go into your Google drive, right? And you can make work Google documents, you can make Google sheets, you can make Google images, Google slides and all this other stuff. And what the, what you're basically getting is a link and an embed for your new video. Okay? Every link and every embed you get for your video is like a vote in YouTube eyes that this video is important and that people are doing things with this video that matter and it's blowing up and it's getting engagement and they want it to be in more relevance places for people to watch. This is very important. So if, if you are Google, right, and then there's links going to this video from random websites, like that's a signal, but if you are Google and you are getting links from Google to your YouTube video, that is a serious signal because nobody has more authority, relevance and trust to Google than Google does.

Google is a serious narcissistic algorithm. It favors itself over everything else. This can be used to our advantage. Okay, I'm going to make a whole video showing you this. We're just talking right now, but what you do is you make a slide, you make its sheet, you make a Google thing and and you want to embed it on all these properties, okay? And then as soon as you embed it, you ping it. Okay, this is so valuable, such awesome stuff. For you to blow up your YouTube channel. And once you pay it, it's going to tell Google to check this video out. Now, if your video is in a super like hard to rank for category, this is a great opportunity to make excellent content because Google and YouTube will favor your video when in the beginning. So if your video in the beginning can really get a ton of views, a ton of retention, then it's more likely to rank in the algorithm.

Okay? So the honest to God truth is either you make insanely great content that just captures people and then you do all this SEO stuff as well. And then you hope that it works to rank for that hard to rank category, right? Or you do this for easy to rank stuff. And once you do the, the the Google stuff where you like Google the Google, you're going to rank for all the easy stuff. I swear to God, I'll show you how to do it and it just works. But if you're trying to rank for a hard to rank categories in the first 24 hours, YouTube and Google is going to rank you at the top. Okay. And then it's going to compare you to all the other videos in that category. And it's slow. You're slowly lose ranking if your video isn't crazy, but you can either, if it is amazing video, then it'll just take off on its own.

You won't have to do too much. But if you're a new channel, you don't have that much rank and authority and all these other channels already have millions of views or their new videos because they have millions of subscribers or thousands of subscribers. You're just going to lose rank because you can't keep up with the like the amount of eyeballs that are already subscribed to the other people's videos. You know what I mean? So what you have to do is you can either pay to play where you just, you, you don't have to pay your match. I'm talking like two 50 a day or less, even $2 and to rank your video to get actual views to your video. So after you do the SEO, after you have got some embeds, after you've gotten some social signals, you can just pay a couple bucks to boost that video to stay at the top.

And then once you naturally get a certain amount of views, boom, it'll take off and you'll start getting thousands of new subscribers, thousands of new views and comments and likes. And that's basically how you can dominate YouTube. Okay? If you don't want to pay, then you just have to go for lower keywords. Or what I recommend is you create the high value videos as best as you possibly can, right? You go for the Superbowl videos that everybody search for all the time. You try and rank as best as you can, okay? And you make about five or 10 of these videos of the super competitive keywords, okay? And you see where you land and you see if you get any traction, okay? And then what you do is you create videos that rank for similar but easier to rank for keywords, right? And what you do is you make about three of these videos for every one of these super hard to rank videos and at the end, the end screen of your easy to rank videos.

Do you recommend the hard to rank video? That way you've got this system where you're just flowing through the easy to rank to your hard to rank videos and over time your hard to rank videos are going to go up and you can explode your channel overnight. It just takes a little bit of time to build that initial flow of views. You know what I mean? So I think that's a good beginning set up for a YouTube SEO, and I know this is just me talking right now, but this is such powerful stuff. Watch the next video where I show you on my computer everything that I'm talking about as well as a super powerful way to use playlists to rank in YouTube. You can rank your playlist super, super easily, but let's just keep going on this. A YouTube SEO kick that I got going on because I have just learned some awesome stuff because YouTube is like Google's stupid stepson. It's a lot easier to do all this stuff than it is to rank in Google. And this is awesome because there's so much potential, so much powering YouTube. Not to mention you can get paid that you guys just need to learn everything that I've been just like diving deep into and I'm giving to you now for free. So please like, subscribe and watch the next video on playlists. Silence.

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