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WTF Is My Business


WTF is my business is an episode about realizing how you need focus and clarity for your business to reach true success and how important it is to know wtf your business really is.

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Evergreen Creators Podcast

​Hello, and welcome to evergreen creators where digital marketers, Video Creators podcasters, authors,publishers and content creators come to master that financial success.

 I was really trying to get focused yesterday, I talked about it, I think and one of my podcasts and I have to pick the keywords for my business, right and not just like a bunch of random keywords but like the ones that I'm truly going to focus on to rank to make me the most money and it was really kind of like, just pissed me off because I didn't know exactly right away what it should be. And I'm like, WTF What is my business? Like, I should know this, but I'm trying to my business doesn't necessarily fit in a comfortable box. I'm taking videos. I'm turning them into podcasts, I'm podcasting. I'm turning podcasts into blog posts and turning blog posts in the book. So am I a video production company Am I publishing book company, you know, then it's just like, what the fuck? Am I doing digital marketing with this business for other customers, which I am,

but I'm only taking on very,

you know, key clients. No, I'm too good at what I do to

have cheap clients so,

but what I'm really focused on with this business I figured out was creating digital products. You know, that's the end all be all of this evergreen creators and not just just create digital products but digital products that help entrepreneurs help business owners

help creators

that that is the over all be all goal

for evergreen creators and I really liked

this quote that I heard from Daniel Hall, and he was saying, you know, I treat every relationship like it's gonna be a lifelong relationship. So whenever I have any interaction with someone, I try and be complete bliss, because I know I might be doing business or I might be in a relationship with them for the rest of my life. So this is a lifetime relationship, but I love the idea of being a complete bliss to my customers, you know, it's a really got me more thinking like, how do you actually help people? You know, like,

if I were to help the masses, would it be

you know, free content, which I find you know, people don't appreciate it necessarily when it's free would it be have paid content that is really in depth really detailed, you know, take you by the hand over the shoulder and is it would it be like create a community, you know, where people can ask questions and they feel like part of a tribe, really into tribes Lately, I've been reading a lot of books just on how you were just tribe like creatures. You know, we grew up in packs when I was in the military, you know, I'd sleep on cots with fit 20 other men in you know, laying around snoring and sleeping and stuff like that. And it's just like, you know, there's there's some rodri that's just like deep in our DNA that we need a tribe, we need that group to comfortable and to be successful on. Um, so free content courses, you know, paid content, create a community, I think that's really important. Or would it be doing this services for people? You know, it's like, what would actually help people the most like if you actually like, if you had to help all the entrepreneurs in the world, how would you do that? How would you be a complete bliss to

that many people and so digital

products is kind of what I came up with because really good digital products,

not like the junk

that people are selling now on Kindle just to make $1 here, dollar there and then they make 1000 no content books, but like

actually creating guides

that are answering, you know, super important questions, you know, like, how do I how do I actually rank a YouTube video? How do I actually rank my podcast on iTunes and get a lot of listeners? How do I actually get leads for my business? How do I actually sell my products? You know, like these will actually help people, these will actually

genuinely make people more money

if they do what I say. So then how do you get people to listen to you, you know, how do you how do you get first you have to get their attention, right? And then you have to get them to listen to you. But it's not enough that they listen to you, you have to actually get them interested in what you have to offer. Like they have to be self motivated inside of them to actually take the next step, you know, so you have to actually find people that are motivated, and I mean, I'm sure they're out there. They are out there. Everybody's motivated to do Something but how do you you have to find the right people that are already interested in what you're offering at that time. And then you have to hold their hand throughout the whole customer journey, you know, and then you can either sell something to them, or you you try and help them. But you have to also capture that email so that you can continue to help them. It's like, you have to force feed them, the good benefits that you can offer the life changing things that you can offer. Jim Rohn once said, that, if you're in an argument with someone, and you just pray that they listen to you, because you can change their life, or they better pray that you would the argument that's and it's just like, so powerful, like I know, I could change people's lives, but I have to get them to actually listen to what I'm doing not not have any negativity, not have any smartass shit, but actually put in the effort to change their own lives. It's like, man, so work just to just to help somebody. So the conundrum though, is like, you know, so I got to pick the top keywords, and it was pissing me off beyond no end, you have no idea. I am the business guy. I've started all these businesses. I do all this different SEO and have so much marketing. I know so many things. And I'm like, What the fuck is my business? What What is the top keywords that I'm going to go for? And it really went me off on this whole trail of like, you know, the obvious answer is you have to have a business plan. So I have a business plan, but I have to redo my business plan because things have changed. You know, I threw a lot of spaghetti at the wall and I'm seeing what's sticking, and I'm seeing what's really in it, you know, for the long haul I want I want the Infinity games where I have the foundation laid out and then I just had can build this for years and years and years and years. Being a bliss to everyone that comes in and actually helping people While creating an actual sustainable business, and at the same point, I want to have a business that I can take 30 days off from, and it will not stop generating revenue. That's the real goal. That's the whole that's the Evergreen part of the creators like I, I'm going to create digital products, I'm going to teach people how to create digital products, I'm going to teach people how to sell digital products, I'm going to teach people essentially how to make more money, how to be radically successful, right. And then the Evergreen part of that, though, is that I want to put this all together so that if I want to take 30 days away from my business, it's never good, it's not going to stop, the profits aren't going to stop my business isn't gonna stop without me. Because I've built a lot of businesses where, you know, I'm the bottleneck, I'm the choke point where if I step away from the business, it'll fall apart, and to have that, you know, over idea that I want this business, to be self sustainable, to be working to to outsource Everything, and to truly focus on what motivates me. What makes me excited, you know, and that's how you stay in this game for the long run. That's how you really build an empire. So it still came back to the answer, though, like, What the fuck is my business? And when you're starting a business, I know that you really focus on cash flow, okay? Like, I don't care how many business books you read, I don't care what you're doing when you're just starting a business. Cash Flow is king, you have to figure out how to actually get money into your business, otherwise you don't have a business money is air money. Money helps things move. You know, money isn't everything, but it's right up there with oxygen. And so you have to focus on cash flow, but once you're more established and your business is actually getting multiple flows of revenue, then you have to really actually figure out like, What the fuck is this business Am I building a trap where 510 years down the line I'm going to be stuck here in a My life? Am I building something that can work without me? Am I building something that I can actually take to market and scale? Or is this a business that can't scale? You know, these are the things you really have to think about. And it's really important to think about even before you launch your business, but

a lot of us are already in a business or we have

the the dirty j, ob, and we want to start a side hustle a side business. And again, cash flow is king, but eventually you're going to come to that point, like, okay, these are the things that are working out of these things. Which one is truly going to take me where I want to go, you know, my overall my Super Bowl goal for this business, what is it going to be? And where am I going to see myself in 510 years with this business? Because I want this business to still be around, you know, how am I going to keep the doors open, you know, and stuff like that, but what is it that is really going to take the focus of everyone and get everyone excited, and take us on to that next level, because a lot, a lot of businesses also, you know, there's different, there's different roofs for the business, the business can make a lot of cash flow, make about, you know, hundred thousand dollars a year, and then get stuck or 200,000 or 250,000, and then hit this wall. I've done that too, with businesses and we did everything we could do. And then we had to hire a consultant to join the team. And as soon as we did that, we blew through the roof of our ceiling and, you know, really started to pick up but we had tried everything. And we really just needed somebody with an outside perspective to step in and give us you know, their advice, their sound information to push us to that next level. So it's interesting to think that maybe you should start a business right away with some consulting with some coaches with someone that is going to be able to take you to that next level. Or maybe you have to hit those walls, but maybe if you find a coach who's already done what you're doing Then you won't have the problem. These are just my thoughts. So what the fuck is your business and really, business is solving a problem, the end of the day is never really about the business, it's about the service, or the offer that they provide the, what the customer gets is really the king of all businesses. It's like, are you entertaining? Are you educating? Are you helping somebody, you know, build a house, fix a wall? Start their car, like, what is it? At the end of all, to see the whole grand scheme of things? What is it that your business is offering? And these are often strange to fully figure out because sometimes we have no idea why our customers are buying our stuff. You know, we have no idea how they found us. We have no idea why they they What did what motivated them to make the final purchase? You know, and these are the questions that we really have to figure out because you don't know what you don't know until you really They don't know it. So if you truly want to be successful, you have to have a open channel of communication with your customers. And then first you have to find your customers, because you can't have a marketing plan. You can't have a business until you know where you can find them on a regular day. And you sometimes they come to you because you're doing stuff so well, like, that's a very rare thing. Most people have to go to the customer, interrupt their day, tell them about what they have, hook them in, keep them interested and then have them buy but something but a lot of times what you want more than that is to have a customer that's looking for you. And then you be the first one that's found. You know, that's why it's important to be on first pages of Google. That's why it's important to be putting out content that answers your your customers questions that really puts you as the authority that puts you as the hero. So then, if that's what the business is, right? If it's all about the customer, then who Is your customer You know what, what do they look like? They're not look like but what what do they earn? What do they drive? What do they spend their time? How much spare income do they have? What you know how much time do they have to put into a new project that you're trying to deliver, get make them get into you know, and this is where you create that customer avatar. And the key thing for the customer avatar is how can you step into this avatars life and be clearly the right option for whatever you're trying to sell. If you're trying to sell you know, hammers or hardwood floors or roofs, you know, clearly you are the right option if their roof is leaking. Clearly you are the right option if they have house insurance and some of their shingles have fallen off clearly you are the right answer if their gutters are ever clogged. And then you have to convey that to them and then they may not buy today but one day when their gutters are clean if they know you if they know that in their head. Oh, these are the roof guys.

Then they're To purchase from you. So you take up that space in your customers mind that this is your entity. Which brings me to my next point, which is clarity, you really want your business to be super crystal clear. You know, like my pay per lead agency. It says in the title, you pay us per lead and we generate leads, and then you pay us per lead. Very, very caveman for you that an idiot configured. The woodcarver is my other business. We sell wood furniture wouldn't art, you know, that's what we do. And we ship it to you or you can pick it up. Very simple. Anyone can figure out you know, maybe they don't know what a wood carving is. But Google the wood carvers, check on my business, buy some and then there's, you know what I'm trying to do which is sell digital products, which is a on like, it doesn't really exist in the real world except for the ideas, the concepts I mean it does. But these are this is where you have to bridge that gap that's like, it's like when you're creating digital products, you make mock ups that look like books and courses when it's just like little videos. Or when you make audible books, you make it look like a book. You know, this is kind of, because we have to relate it to something that people are interested in. So this has been my rant on what the fuck is my business. And I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learn something open took you through some ideas of your own business of what you're trying to do. I hope you find insane amounts of success with whatever your endeavor is. And yeah, it's all about the customer. At the end of the day, it's all about clarity, and installing a belief in that customer, that you are the right person for the job, you have the right product for them. And you can do this in a number of ways by just clearly showing You know, your your authority, your relevance and your trustworthiness, you can do this by beating them over the head with it being in their email being in their Facebook being in their Google, because then you'll become known to that person for that category. But you have to pick your category. So I think I'm probably gonna go a lot more in depth into, you know, starting a business all over again, because, um, I think having a clear, clear, clear, clear, clear business plan for almost every day for every week for every month of a business is how you're going to succeed. You know, you have to figure out really what what market are you in, you know, what is what is your marketing plan after you have your business plan, like what is the actual tests that you're going to run because the only marketing that works is the marketing that works is the marketing that makes you money, but you have to figure out what that is. First you have to figure out where your customers are in the buying cycle. You have to hit them right then you know when the iron is hot that's how you get the buyers how you get the things and then you can also start the Evergreen the SEO you know the Pinterest the YouTube videos that are ranking you know all those things that are very important. So, first we're going to focus on you know, what the fuck is a good successful business? How can I help people really make a lot more money you know, and really get more customers get more sales and then we'll also start to really talk about marketing and the marketing for businesses. So

that's what we'll be hopefully getting into.

I've also got some really cool things going on creating my digital products. I'm doing some fiber arbitrage as we speak, where I have some people on Fiverr creating products for me and then I'm gonna put them on Amazon because I just want to run some tests and I'm really excited about it. And I think, you know, once I my goal is to get like 10 or 12 products up before Christmas, you know, depending on how long each one takes have at launch and everything else but

I will let you guys know how that goes.

Have a great day. evergreen creators calm, got lots of incredible courses you can get for dirt cheap, and trying to be a bliss to all business owners, entrepreneurs and creators out there so be sure to let me know how I'm doing on Twitter. My handle is for the creators at for the creators or just type in evergreen creators but I'd love to get some feedback from you guys. So send me a tweet or hit me up on Facebook.

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