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Why entrepreneurs need a coach

Today we're going to be answering the question, why do entrepreneurs need a coach.

 So the reason you need a coach is because nowadays business owners are getting overwhelmed.

With how many things there are out there telling you to do this, pulling you this way and that way.

 If you want to get results.

The fastest way to do that is to work with someone who's already been where you are.

And has already seen the other side and made it over the hurdles.

I think of starting a business like building a skyscraper.

Once you get completely done with the first level of the skyscraper.

you really need a lot of strength and force to break through and get to that next level.

And that's what a coach is going to be able to do for you.

And then you're going to be able to hit the top of that level and you're going to need another push to push through to the next level.

See your dreams coming to life and then becoming something that you truly are proud of.

Your legacy.

Your life work.

So the reason that you need a coach is because it's important to get an outside perspective.

People building their business.

All they think about is their business and they, their heads are in the weeds.

They're not looking up and they're not seeing the opportunity around them.

So getting a coach who is knowledgeable and has expertise is in your field is so important.

They're going to be able to come with a new perspective.

I was working with as huge business.

They're paying me lots of money and they were just so overwhelmed with their new new product that they were going to launch.

Because it was more expensive and they had never done anything like it before.

And they were planning all these crazy metrics and where freaking out.

So why don't you guys do last time to start selling your product?

They said, well, we did an email campaign and that's really what kicked everything off really well.

I said, well, this might blow your mind, but how about you say forget all this and how about you just do the thing that fricking worked in the first place and then do it again?

And they did it made a bunch of money, everybody was happy.

It's because I was able to come in with a fresh perspective where they were thinking they had to do all this fancy hype and dance and pony show that would have probably not worked out at all.

Instead just done what worked in the first place for their business.

That was because I had an outside perspective and I wasn't overwhelmed.

Whereas they were in the business and they were super overwhelmed because everyone was barking down their neck and they had to make their quotas, you know?

So this is a good reason to get a coach to have some outside perspectives.

 The next reason to get a couch which is kind of similar but new ideas, entrepreneurs need a coach because they need new ideas.

I consider myself to be one of the most creative people in the world.

I mean that and I have amazing business ideas all the time and I know which ones to act on and which ones not to act on because I've been doing this for a long time and I understand where the value of certain things are.

When I work with a business and what they need is new and fresh ideas. I have a certain system where we just throw spaghetti at the wall metaphorically.

We bring all of our collaborative ideas together and then we seek out even more experts who will be able to guide us in the right direction.

But that's where we can get beautiful new ideas.

Whereas if you were just stuck inside your office with the same people who have had the same ideas and have gotten nowhere and they're still stuck, that's when it's time to hire a coach, hire an expert to come in and bring new ideas to the table.

Even if they don't work, at least you have new ideas and new opportunities, and if they do work, then you can see the tremendous value in having a new asset, a new brain to come in who has lots of experience and bring ideas to the table on how things can get better and how you can improve.

Next reason you should hire a coach if you're an entrepreneur, is to stay accountable.

Lots of people are super motivated when they start a business and then they start to burn out. It's just life.

You know, whether it's your marriage or your business or your dog.

Now, dogs are pretty much, they're pretty cool all the way through.

As an entrepreneur, you should have a coach to keep you accountable.

Not only is your coach going to be a big thinker and they're going to come up with the greatest potential for your business.

You're going to talk to them either every week or every other week and they're going to drill you on staying accountable with your goals and on seeing it to fulfillment even if you don't want to you and now have that other person involved who's there and in your corner to help you get where you want to go.

A lot of times as entrepreneurs, we feel like the whole world is on our shoulders and we have to do this all alone, but the truth is people are ready to help you get a coach that is ready and eager to jump the ring and be by your side tell you which you know, jabs and punches to push to get you to that next win to that next level.

That's why you need an entrepreneur coach and finally focus.

Now in days, everybody is just losing their mind.

They don't know what to look at. I don't know what to do.

All they do is stare at their phones.

If you're not focused on your mission of creating a beautiful business, creating a wonderful entrepreneur life, and just staying focused in driving on, you're going to miss either opportunities or you're going to fall apart and you're not going to be able to keep living the dream you want even if you're close.

If you have a entrepreneur coach who is ready to help you focus, then we'll set things in place so that whenever you're getting off target, you'll realize that you need to reset and come back and be back to the focus point of what it is that you are truly good at and what it is you are spending your time on that is the most valuable for you, your customers and your entrepreneurial life and your entrepreneur business dream and goals.

 So the final one is get entrepreneur coasts to help you stay focused. Now there's a lot more, but I think that's good for this video.

If you are interested in getting an entrepreneur coach, please reach out and go to evergreen tactics.com/entrepreneur coach.

 I'm a real person, was have a conversation and see if we can make it happen. And I'm excited to hear from you. 

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