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​Let's talk about podcasting, reaching the world through an RSS feed and audio. All right? What is your message? What is your story? What is your hit podcast show going to be about? How are you going to get there? How are you going to get the listeners? We're going to talk about all that and more in this episode. All right, so podcasting, getting on the mic, being the man, the woman who has a message, who interviews other people, who networks, who tells stories. There is a lot of growth potential in podcasting and I want you to know that right now is the best time on earth to start a podcast. Just go to evergreen tactics.com you're going to see that I have a course. The course is pay what you want, you know, pay whatever you want and you'll be able to get access to my full podcasting course where I show you how to grow an audience, how to rank every single episode, how to monetize and make a lot of money.

Podcasting. Let's talk about money real quick. When you start out, you've got to start up building gradually. All right, but once you get to about a thousand listeners an episode, you can charge people about 60 bucks for that episode, right? 60 bucks, you know, whatever. But once you get to about 10,000 downloads every episode, that's $600 you make $2,400 every single week if you do a weekly, what if you did a podcast episode every day? And that's not just to mention the authority, the ability to conversation, the incredible, incredible networking that you can do in the lifestyle of a podcaster. These are all great reasons why you should click your brain on and start a podcast. Go to evergreen tactics.com right now to start your podcast with my course. Pay what you want, not trying to rip you off. I'm just trying to help people. Don't know why I've got shoved down your throat to help you.

All right? But when you're starting with the podcast, these are all the things you need. This is, this is podcasting and it's most basic. You need a microphone, you need some headphones, you need an editing and recording software, and you need an RSS feed. RSS feed is just a really simple syndication network. A syndication network is a way to share things, MP3s, pictures, everything on the internet. Okay? And the free runs that you want to go with our anchor. Okay? For if you want to pay a little bit, 27 bucks, I use Libsyn. I have another video on my channel that shows you exactly how to set up ellipse and account. That's going to blow your freaking mind because with Lipson, as soon as you share a new episode, it goes everywhere, all over the internet to every place that you can share podcasts is where it goes.

Okay? And then there's also Buzzsprout and Podbean. Those are the ones I would recommend. There's more out there, but if you set up with these guys, you're going to be on iTunes, Google, Spotify, iHeartRadio, all the other fricking ones. There's a billion of them now, so there's Stitcher and stuff like that, and it's really simple to set up. It's not complicated. If you've ever opened up an email account or a Facebook page or something like that, you can set up your podcast to be ready to publish on all these platforms. Okay? So the fact is that when you're recording, it's not the hard part of the podcast, the the recording and getting it out there. Isn't that hard? Okay. Getting listeners is a little bit harder. Monetizing is a little bit harder and creating a hit successful podcast is a little bit harder. So let's talk about your hit show cause that's how it all starts.

The truth is to have a hit show news and noteworthy. It doesn't matter. Your downloads don't really matter. All that matters is new subscribers. Itunes will rank you in their top charts if you can get new subscribers. That's why when you launch a podcast, you get a huge boost and all the charts and everybody sees you and then you'd seem to Peter off, even though your downloads are still going up. It's because all iTunes cares about is new subscribers in the last 24 hours. Okay, so what does that mean for you? Nothing. Let's talk about your podcast. Okay? Podcast has to be for a desired audience. You have to figure out who is going to be listening to your podcast first. It all starts with the research, all right? The best ways to do research are to just go to iTunes, go to podcast, and you know that little search bar.

Just start typing in words and see what happens in the search bar. Why is that important? That's important because the recommended searches in the iTunes search bar, you can create podcasts for and rank and you also know that people are searching for them because they're in the recommended searches from iTunes. Itunes is literally telling you what episodes you should make on what subjects. So if you want to do a romance, you type in romance, it's going to say romance tips, romance, one-on-one, romance show, romance podcast, and then you make an episode for all those and you know that thousands and thousands of people are going to be listening to that. If you title and you optimize your podcast, right? Because iTunes is telling you it. If the damn search engine is telling you that these are what people are searching for, then there's obviously listeners. Why does this matter?

It matters because if you try right now to rank a blog article, it's hard. It takes months. If you try right now to rank a YouTube video, it's hard. Rick takes months. If you're trying right now to get people to opt into your email account, it's hard. There's lots of people doing it. Podcasting, podcasting is hungry for content, hungry for new fucking topics. It is not completely saturated like all the other marketers, and you can record it in your house, in your closet, in your car, on the road, on a walk anywhere you want, and then people can listen to it on their cart, on a walk in the closet, in their fricking house, on their little speakers, you know, echo and we're everywhere with the podcast. Podcasting is huge right now. It is the best time to a podcast. I cannot tell you enough.

All right, so let's just do a little more research though. You have to think about a conversation that we can have with our audience for as long as possible. Just because every episode we're going to keep coming back with a new topic, new ideas, new things. Maybe it's a sports podcast. So you talk about the same sports teams and you talk about those things. Maybe it's a true crime podcast and you got to write down the stories and you got to go through everything that it takes to tell you about the crazy crime that podcasters are committing by making crappy episodes. I'm just kidding. Okay. But you really do want to narrow it down. Create a customer avatar. My customer avatar is Joe. Joe works in a big corporation and he listens to podcasts in the gym and on the drive, and he loves the idea of becoming an entrepreneur someday, but he hasn't taken the leap.

So he needs my podcast to fulfill his dreams and take it to that next level where he can be the person he really wants to be. But first he wants to learn everything you can. Okay. Stuff like that. And then there's like the core things you want to think about is who's listening? Why are they listening? Why are you making a podcast? Why are they listening to your body? So answer those questions. You've done pretty good research researcher. Okay, now you really want to think about a show, okay? Like just talking with your friends isn't a show. It's not a reason people don't watch, right? You go to Netflix, there's tons of crap, but good shows have a good plot, right? They have a good story. They hook you in the first little bit there. They're dramatic, they're exciting, they make you feel something. So that's the real truth.

What is your podcast going to make people feel? Are they going to be happy when they listen? Are they going to be educational? You don't get the big old Brown booing on, are they going to be scared? Cause it's [inaudible] whatever show you're doing. So you've got to think about that, okay? And then you want to think about the words that you're going to use for that emotion. It might help. All right. After you have your idea for your hit show. Okay, you're ready to record. Here's just a few tips before you record a drink. A lot of water. Don't drink milk. Milk will screw you up. No milk Apple cider vinegar. Great to cleanse your body out, make it so that your voice sounds really good. Another pro tip is bone broth Brown bone broth really cleans you out as well as non-caffeinated teas.

Non-Caffeinated teas will allow you to, it'll clean you out so that you sound professional and you're ready to go. Now, before each episode, you probably should outline it. How do we outline a podcast? Intro? What is in your intro? First part of your show, tell people what your show is about on the, on the big scale, right next. Tell people what the episode they're about to listen to is about next. Tell people what it is that they're going to learn and why it's so exciting in this episode. Okay? That's just the intro. Then we break it down into three sections, beginning, middle end or a, B, C, whatever you want. The, in the a, the beginning, you hook your audience in and you tell them the scene, the plot, the, the idea, the theory, the quote, whatever it is and be right in the middle.

You give them the heavy content, right? You go boom, here is the grass fed beef and sweet potatoes, you know, steak and potatoes. Here is the big message, the big idea. Okay. And then in the end you want to wrap it all up. Okay, why do we do things in threes? Because that's how our brains work, man. One, two, three, stop, go, stop, go, wait, stop. You know. So we do things in threes. It's how our brains work. If you have a nice formula, it just clicks better not telling you you have to do it. I'm just telling you this is a good idea for outlining. When you're outlining, what do you do in the outline? You just make bullet points so that you don't sound like a robot reading a script. Bullet point, bullet point, bullet point. All in a bullet point, bullet, put point blue little.

Okay. And then at the end as your outro, your outro of your podcast is going to wrap it all up and go over what you just learned, how they can get in contact, the call to action that you want them to have, and then you want to leave them with a tease for the next episode. That is the outline for your podcast. Okay, you got your research, you've got your outline. Now it's time to record record. Ah, the time has come do it. You hop in there, you focus, you get it done yet you say the words, now you're done. What do you do after you record? Edit. Editing is so important. I don't care if you're doing on her phone, you can edit it on those little audio things. On the apps, there's tons of apps that you can use. Garageband works just fine.

I'm movie works too. If you're going to do it, what you can do on your phone is you can record a video and then you can edit the video and then you can just export the audio and then you can edit the audio too. But the cool stuff about editing is this. The difference between a pile of paint in a finished Picasso and the difference between a bunch of random instruments in the Beatles editing, the difference between regular basketball players, Michael Jordan. It is a discipline. It's what makes it sound so crisp. So how do you edit? You edit your vocals in the cue. Okay. Whatever friggin thing you're using. You want to use compressor compressors and E Q or you can just go to evergreen tactics.com and check out my my podcast services. I will professionally pro fashion Milly, edit your audio for you so you don't have to do it.

I have to do is record. Okay. Pay me a couple of bucks. Very reasonable price. So edit your podcast. Now that it's edited, what do you do? You share it with you. Tell your mom, your dad, your friends, your sisters, your enemies, your people that make your sandwiches. Everybody. Anybody that comes in a three foot radius of you, you tell them about your podcast, right? You smash it all over Facebook, Instagram, all the places. Okay. And the importance of this is to get people scribe. Now let's talk about how to make some fricking money. So in my course, I teach you how to rank an episode so that every time you come up with a new episode, you're going to rank top of iTunes because it's really easy. It, I mean, it's not really easy, but if you know how to do it by buying my course for whatever you want to pay, it's going to be pretty freaking easy for you.

What does this do? It makes sure every episode you put out thousands of people. Listen, we're not, I can't say thousands. People will listen to it, okay? Just depending on the words. There are a million dollar words on iTunes that people are not using and do not have a podcast topic made yet that you, you, you, you, the world is waiting to hear you. This Howard. So you need to focus on the keywords you need to focus on. You're making really good content because if you buy my course, it's going to show you how. It's not about just putting out a bunch of stuff and no one's going to hear it. It's about lots of people are going to hear it. So I better put out my best stuff. You edit and you've shared all over social media, and if you buy my course and you rank it in iTunes, it's going to blow up, right?

And this is now how you're going to make money. I have put together a podcast course that's going to blow your freaking mind, okay? It is. Pay what you want, pay whatever you want, come on board. What you're going to learn in the course is how to grow your podcast and actually make money from a podcast. Okay? But the way that I teach you is so good because first I teach you how to create a good show. So we create your hit show. We do research on your audience, we come up with some really good topics, and then I show you exactly how to make sure that every episode you put out, you get thousands of listeners and downloads because I know how to rank in iTunes. Itunes is a search engine, much like Google or YouTube, okay? Where whatever you want to rank for, if you optimize for it, you're going to get there.

And the difference between iTunes and YouTube and Google is that YouTube and Google is saturated. Itunes is hungry for content. Itunes has thousands and thousands of people searching for it daily, and there are million dollar topics that people are not recording that you could fill and find your audience. So you need to get into my course. I teach you how to make money by monetizing with your own products, with affiliate products, sponsorship. You can get sponsored on your podcast for your podcast. You can sell your own merge, write a book and sell it. You can go on insane tours where you just interview with podcast or after podcast after podcast or to explode your reach, explode your audience. You become an authority figure because the barrier to entry to have a podcast is you have to have a podcast and then you're somebody. You have a reason to talk to fucking really important people.

Okay, so this is a great opportunity to hop in to my podcast course. I'm dead serious. It's pay what you want. The link is down below. All right, subscribe to my channel like channel. I teach you everything you need to know how to grow your podcast. I also show you a ton of marketing stuff. I show you how to do Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, all in the same course for your podcast. It's an incredible, incredible opportunity for you grow a podcast. So check on my podcast course. Go to evergreen tactics.com like, and subscribe please.

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