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Build Your Audience • Grow Your Reach • Stay Accountable • For Independent Podcasters

Best Podcast Marketing Course

Here Is A Golden Opportunity To Learn how to create, grow and monetize your podcast from the best in the business.

Over the shoulder step by step process to get thousands of downloads and dive deep into every possible way to promote your podcast.

If your serious about podcasting, then this course is a no brainier.....

You have a message to share with the world!

You have unique passions and experiences to share with the world - a message that can help make a huge impact in others’ lives.

Whether you’ve been sharing those passions and experiences for years or you’ve just discovered them, podcasting is a medium that will help you share your message with the world.

​Podcast Promotion Course

No podcasting secret ingredient will be kept hidden from you anymore. If you want to bring the big guns in your starting podcast episodes, this is the shot waiting right up your door. Know your way to earning more downloads, listeners, and cash. Make your podcast a career for both passion and profit!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

​After you hit the ‘Sign Up’ button, the door to the full course is opened to you straight away! In no time you can directly access  podcast coaches and be part of group trainings in our Facebook group. Get insider knowledge about how to start from scratch and end up with 100,000 downloads, raving fans, book reviews, and your dream guests in just a week or two.

​Huge Benefit 1: Larger Audience

If you know who you want to reach and how to reach them, the growth spurt of the number of listeners you have would go off the charts.

​Huge Benefit 2: Monetization

Convert your message into money. Relay your ideas while expecting a six-digit bank account money in the bag.

​Huge Benefit 3: Building Authority and Influence

Authority, influence, and trust are three things rewarded to you if you master the art of effective communication to your audience.

Huge Benefit 4: Business Growth

Be on the top of the food chain. If you’re doing podcasts for your business, you need to get ahead of the competition and to do that, you might want to learn from the best in the game .

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Don’t take our word for it!

Check out the​se testimonials straight from the​ horses mouth of our awesome students.

​Dr. Barbara A. Cohen

"I went for it!"

​"I went for it, even though I didn't know where to start. but I am so happy I did!

I just never knew something like this would be so much fun and give me this incredible feeling!

I'm really enjoying creating my show. 

There is nothing like it!

That feeling of creating and getting incredible responses from my audience and making money!

 And I've just started!"

​Carman Capriotto

"Podcast Promotion is a game-changer"

​"Working with Evergreen Tactics from day one has significantly helped me build on my reputation in the automotive aftermarket as a niche podcaster. I have applied a lot of the techniques that I learned directly from them. Knowing what's going on around the next corner can be a challenge to any new endeavor. The course has always provided insight, instruction and guidance for my next moves. Evergreen Tactics has been a game-changer and greatly accelerated my progress!”



​Really a smart investment for me

​"Every dollar, the class was worth it. The process was simplified and made less daunting to have every tool I needed (especially those I didn't even know I needed) in one place. I found myself constantly returning to a video as I completed measures and appreciated that I didn't have to process everything at once. Really a smart investment for me since I wanted a consistent and sustainable series.”

​Here is a quick peek inside the course

​12 focused modules for podcast domination


Module 1: ​Equipment

​As all other modules will be, this one will spare no detail about the topic. This will help you make a checklist of all the equipment you must have in order to deliver your masterpieces while also considering your budget, from your microphone’s compatibility with your dulcet tones to the recording materials and which audio editing software is in perfect fit with them.


Module 2: ​Host

​Your fame, gains, and influence doesn’t only depend on your content but also on where that content is placed. For all your podcast episodes to reach your target audience and target downloads, you need to know the insides of how hosting works. A lot of choices are available out there on the web and you need to know which one you should go with. Good host, good money


Module 3: ​Website

​In this module, you will be taught about how to make a decent website that would be a great addition to your fame and authority. Building a website for your podcast is another type of business that needs  good management. If not handled properly, it could damage your reputation. Fortunately, this module offers enough guidance for you to avoid that podcasting nightmare.


Module 4: ​Customer Relationship Management

​After you make a loud sound and get your listeners’ attention, make sure they stay tuned for more to come. The goal is to gain not just their interest but also their loyalty. In this module, you will be taught how to properly handle relationships with your customers to make them stay. Learn about the best tools to do contact management, sales management, productivity, and more in the best possible way


Module 5: ​Syndication

​Reach far greater heights with the right syndication tactics for your podcast. Learn how syndication can truly help you boom your podcast and discover how to automatically and widely spread your episodes to the web. Share your message in as many platforms as possible.    


Module 6: Create Incredible Podcasts

​There are two types of decent podcasts: the good ones and the incredible ones.  The thing is, people don’t fall for content which is common, they fall for those which give them more than enough. That is why in this module, you will know about how to create incredible podcasts, the ones that leave your listeners wanting for more because of the quality of its message. Remember, the content’s meatiness makes millions.


Module 7: Monetize Your Podcast

​Make money with that mic! This module will tell you exactly how to do that. It will be the one to make you think that your investment by enrolling in this course is just a little fraction of what you will gain after. Whether you’re doing podcast out of hobby or business, it’s never bad news if you get something in return, right?


Module 8: Free Podcast Promotion

​There are ways for you to promote your podcast without paying any money at all. The only thing you should spend for these ways is your time. In this module, you will be given a list of all the tactics you can do without having to give away your cash but still, in a sense, gives you a return on investment. Learn and master the power of asking and engagement to give another way of reaching  out to your fans. This and many other beneficial strategies will be handed to you in this module. 


Module 9: Get Dream Guests

​Some podcast experts out there believe that podcast guesting is the best content marketing tactic. We don’t undermine this opinion and that’s why this module was made for you to get dream guests and learn how they can help you achieve astonishing access to a deeply engaged audience. To your goal of stacking up a great number of loyal listeners, this strategy is a big plus.


Module 10: Podcast SEO

​With this module, you can put your podcast on top literally. Make your podcast climb the top ranks of iTunes and Show Notes. Handle your SEO with the best strategies and entice your visitors to click on your episodes. Put your podcast on the number one spot of searches related to your content by knowing how to beat the most advanced algorithms of search engines out there.


Module 11: Paid Podcast Promotion

​Paid podcast promotion is the steroid of your show. Why? Because you can actually grow your show just organically and that’s fine. But when you add a little extra, the paid ads, the results you harvest will be doubled.  Podcasts result in exceptionally high awareness levels for ads. That’s really a big bonus for you and you should take advantage of that with this module.


Module 12: Automate Your Work Flow

​Lighten up as much workload as possible and just focus on the major objective. Let the programs and apps do the things you don’t need to do hands-on every now and then. With this, all that’s left for you to do about these side tasks is sit back and relax. Time is gold and you should only spend that on the most important thing, creating a piece of wonderful podcast.


Now it’s time to introduce your Bonuses!

Ready for more? When you’re enrolled in this course, you get more than just modules, you get amazing bonuses and extras.

Bonus 1
​Private Facebook Group

​Think about it, you get to really connect with people you can learn from and you can learn with. You can share thoughts, questions, or opinions to an exclusive, member-only online forum. With this, you can reap more learning outside the box which would result in you having more podcasting ideas in mind.

This bonus needs you to be open to more opinions which will then help you formulate concepts that would bring your show to a break.

Bonus 2

 Access to Coaches and Support

Cure your curiosities by reaching out to coaches personally.  Get direct guidance on your podcast journey from the brains that already memorized every corner of the podcast puzzle. Having this bonus is like having extra hands to work your way up the competition. 

    There’s no need to be shy because the coaches are always up for catering all your inquiries with 1-on-1 coaching until you’re satisfied.

Bonus 3
​Evergreen Course Free Updates Always

This online course is always open and looking for new things to teach you. With the fast pace of improvising strategies in podcast promotion, one must never fall behind. That’s why Evergreen Tactics never stops keeping up with the pace to teach you how to adjust as well. The best thing about this? The updates will be added to the course free of charge!

    Knowing about the most modern approaches of podcast promotion and implementing them in your show keeps you on top of the trending list.

​This Course Has Life Changing Value

You will notice tons of changes in your podcast career after learning from this online course and a ratings slope falling downwards won’t be one of those. Podcasting can be broken down into many different sections, each having their own technicalities for you to learn and master, but all the modules and bonuses in this course cover all of those. Rest assured, your investment won’t be in vain. Imagine it, you bag $3,000 in just the first month after you finish the course. The benefits you will achieve after completing the course will be ten times greater than your sign-up money. 

    True, there are other ways for you to learn about the secrets of podcasting, such as private coaching, wherein sessions are charged like you’re buying a piece of modern electronics every hour, or from universities which may be stationed three long hours away from your home. That is why we believe that it is reasonable to say $297 is a price you can afford and an offer you must not neglect.

Course Enrollments close on ​April 10th 2020


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I have spent alot of my life studying, building and creating this amazing course, and I think it is very good, but if​ for whatever reason you don't appreciate the course or want your money back for whatever reason we offer a money back guarantee.

So don't stress if this course doesnt blow your mind and send you on the road to podcast success you can get your money back no problem.

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Debra Grant

The Wellness Business Podcast

"We could not have launched our podcast without this course! Podcast Promotion gave us everything we needed to successfully plan and launch our podcast.

To say we knew nothing about starting a podcast is an understatement, yet with the step-by-step video tutorials, templates, guidance and support, we were able to launch our podcast much sooner than expected!

Linda Parker

Million Dollar Decorating Podcast

​"It began with a crazy idea to do what no one in my industry was doing. With no idea where to start I found Podcast Promotion; suddenly I had an action plan.

Today, 15 months post launch, we have 650,000+ downloads, a library of over 500 episodes and a thriving new business. None of this would have happened without the training, support & community in Paradise. I'm a fan for life!"

Glenda Sanders

Self Publishing School Podcast

​"I used Podcast Promotion to launch the Self Publishing School podcast and I couldn't be happier. The course helped me with step-by-step instructions AND showing me land mines to avoid.

As a result, my podcast has 35,000+ downloads, 269 reviews and thousands in business revenue within 2 months of launching. Highly recommend this course if you're going to launch a podcast!"

Frequently Asked Questions

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​What would it be like if you just thoroughly enjoyed your life?

This hole course is designed to give even a beginner a chance to have a raging podcast that is shared around the world and is loved by raging fans. Lets change the world together one podcast at a time. Create, Launch and Monetize.

​Robert Lyon

​Robert Lyon CEO 

​Evergreen Tactics