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we're going to go deep dive into the real way to truly grow your podcast and make a lot of money, okay? Now a lot of people think that you need a big social media following, right? For your podcast when it's just not the truth and it's not really how you do it. The real fact of the matter is the best way to market your podcasts on other podcasts, okay? Let's say that your podcast is an Island, right? And you think that in order to get people to your Island, you have to get this big bridge, right? And then you have to just like force everyone across. But the truth is social media can work, but it's a pain in the ass, right? You can just go and spam everyone and their grandma and then you can like send a billion messages and you still might not get any downloads.

You still might not get in front of the people that are really going to become true fans. Okay? So this is the truth. The honest to God, best way to grow a crazy podcast is to, instead of spending all your time spamming social media, spend your time building a relationship with people who have bigger podcasts than you, okay? So you, you have your niche for your podcast, right? And what you do is you double down and you make a, you make a Excel spreadsheet or just a big list of all the podcasts in your niche. Just make a list of every single one, okay? And then start to dig a little deeper on who these people are, where they are on social media, right? So you can even just delete all your other people you know that you're following and just hone in on who these big podcasts are, okay?

And then you try and build a relationship before you ever pitched to them. Okay? How do you do that? Well, every time they have a post, you comment on it. Every time they have a new podcast, you comment, you go to their podcast, you leave a review, you join their mailing list maybe, and then you send them a couple emails back and forth. All right. And then before you ever do your pitch, you want to preplan the episode that you might come on. Because what these big podcasters want is they don't necessarily care. Like if you're not a famous expert or something like that, what they care about is they don't want to waste time, right? Building an episode that they can't use, that they have to scrap. They want it to be really good value for their, their audience. You know, not for you, they don't really care about you, they care about their audience, right?

They want to create good content for their audience. So if you can see a gap in the market, right? So you have to listen to their podcasts, right? That's another way that you really build a connection is you listen to their podcast, you comment, you, you maybe send them some screenshots. Are you promoting their, okay, you start a conversation and this is why it's so powerful, right back to the Island metaphor. So you, you could have spent all this time building this bridge and then shoving and yelling at everybody to come to your stupid Island. Or what you can do is you can focus on your podcast, right? You can make your podcast as good as possible, okay? And then while you're making your podcast good, you are only focusing on big old ships to come to your Island, the big old yachts and cruise liners of other people's podcasts that had been growing for a long time.

You build relationships with these other podcasters, the big fish, the big whales out there to come to your Island, right? And then you come up with the idea of an episode already and then you don't have to go with the idea. But this can just be an outline so that the people that are podcasting can make it super simple. They know exactly what they're going to say when they interview you, right? And what they're going to talk about. They know who you are, they know a little bit about you and how it's going to benefit their audience. So you package this up in like a nice little message, right? First you introduce yourself by just being friendly, connecting, saying you're a fan. Okay? And then you maybe either have them go and listen to your podcast to see if they like it and it's a good idea.

Or you just go in for the pitch, but you make a list of all the podcasts that are in your niche that are bigger than yours. And then there's going to be podcasts out there that would love to have you on. Like they're the only, like I said, the only thing that they're afraid of is having a shitty interview. They don't want to spend all the time to get it set up and then have you show up and then have to trash the content. They want quality content for their listeners and for their audience. So you just package yourself as that awesome person. Okay? Now if you do that, your podcast is going to explode, right? You're going to see a dramatic increase. You're going to hit the millions of millions of listeners out there that listen to podcasts all the time. So before you do that, you have to figure out how to monetize your podcast, how to make your Island have a big old casino or something where people throw all their money into it.

You have to monetize your podcast, right? The best way to truly monetize your podcast is right, is think about your niche. Think about what it is that your doing with your podcast, and then find either an affiliate offer, right? That super fits exactly what you're talking about. Like if you're an eCommerce guy or gal, you're could have an affiliate for Shopify, right? Those two just kind of go so good together, right? Or if there isn't a good affiliate, you could always create your own products that are super niche for your audience. That's a great way to do it. But when you're small, that is the time to figure out how to monetize your podcast before you ever blow your podcast up. Your podcast reaches the millions of people that you're going to get using that strategy, right? So let's recap. Number one you're going to want to do is monetize.

Monetize with an affiliate product or your own product or service that you sell, right? Because once you have a good system that actually monetizes your you and then you go after the big boats, the big whales of podcasting, and you land some fucking interviews, you're going to be set, you're going to be able to quit your job and be a full time podcaster. Okay? So monetize, right? Start a relationship, snap, stop spamming everybody in their grandma about your podcast or keep doing it, but do it respectfully and then create a relationship. Take all of that energy though and focus it on the people that already have bigger podcasts than you, okay? So you make that list. You make a big old list. You say all the podcasts in your niche, okay? You write down their name, you get their email, you get their phone number.

Even you get their social media accounts, you start following all of them, okay? And you just focus on building a relationship so that they see your face. Once they see your face, they see your comments, they see you messaging, and then you slide in the offer. Be like, Hey, I love your show. I also have a podcast. I would either love to interview you to come on my podcast, or here's an idea for an episode I'd like to do on your show. Give them this, these ideas, and then humbly ask them, would you mind if I pitch my podcast episode, my podcast on your show? It would really mean a lot to me. Thank you, and that's all I gotta do, right? Monetize, create the list, be friendly, and a real person pitch. You're going to be rich. I go into way more detail in this in my course, evergreen tactics.com.

All right, so go there. Go to the course. It's called the podcast promotion course. It's how you can quit your job and become a full time podcaster. Super success skyrocket, right? I show you how to make the list. I show you how to target. Actually, you had to build a relationship. I show you how to put it on autopilot. I show you how to find people, and I also have a full sleeve of podcast services@evergreentactics.com go to evergreen tactics, podcast services, raw edit. I'll find hosts for you. I'll find guests for you and I won't stop until I get it. I'll even go out of my way and I'll find affiliate offers for you to sell so you can monetize your podcast. So go to evergreen tactics.com I hope you really enjoyed this. All right, take care.

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