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How To Get Organic Clients From Facebook

MUST read if you want clients coming to you begging for you to sell the . . .

Hey Ermo, I hear you man, it’s not easy to go from messenger to call.

(The solution is below.)

Just to clarify, I’m seeing an opportunity to split this into two questions.

  1. How to get them on the call from messenger.
  2. How to let them trust you and book in.

Regarding Messenger: Booking a call straight from cold introduction on messenger comes across as rude to most and barriers go straight up.

The way to get around this is a holistic process.

Combining your organic marketing strategies (High quality FB posts in this case) with messenger is the way forward.

Messenger Introduction: Hey (name) nice to connect, just wanted to introduce myself, welcome you to my network and thank you for allowing me to be a part of yours. Take care, Ermo.

(Your saying hello, they smell intent straight away, but you really are just saying hi and then you let them continue their day in peace.)

P.s Speaking to them in messenger shows them your posts.


Strong Organic Story & Value Posts: Providing the value that your target audience needs to make monumental shifts + Story posts that allow them to bond with you and come to the internal decision that you can help.


CTA Posts: Reach out in messenger if you’d like X,Y,Z training. Now they reach out to you for the training that will help them overcome their problems. (Pre-recorded videos work best. More bonding quality and time than a PDF)


They Reach Out to YOU in Messenger: (You ask qualifying questions because, without accurate diagnosis the training could mislead and damage people.)

You Say: “great, sounds like the training is a great fit. Can I send it to you here in messenger? Also, are you open to a call so I can explain exactly how my most successful students are implementing this and most importantly what they know NOT to do?”

(Maybe they turn up to the call, maybe they don’t. Notice that to say yes to the training they say yes to the call also. Hardly anybody will say “yes but no call plays”

Now not everybody will turn up but don’t stress, it’s a cyclical process. You’ll get some calls. Some will become clients, some won’t, but you’ve connected and trust is building.


You Reach Out in Messenger Regarding NEXT Value Post: Hey (name) how was the training, did you ever fully solve X,Y,Z problem? I’ve just posted something new and as I wrote it I thought of you, it’s my most recent. I’m 100% it’ll be hugely valuable to you.

End of Messenger Section

Regarding Trust: Everything rests on the “Know, Like, Trust” (KLT) factor.

The Following 3 Layers Build the KLT Factor.

Surface Positioning: This allows people to pay attention to you in the first place.
Uniform & Language. What you wear. How you present yourself. How you speak.
Set, Setting & Symbols. Where are you? Surroundings? Status symbols e.g flash watch vs prayer beads.
Association. Who you are seen with & collaborate with.

Deeper Values: People have qualified your surface positioning, now they will listen or read.
Insights into your life, your mind, your thoughts, that show you are aligned. E.g family man, daily meditator, passionate reader these are mine . . .

Demonstrating Credibility: They have determined that you are a match in terms of values, now they are properly listening you can demonstrate that you have the ability to actually help them.
Stories of client succes OR your own success in areas your target audience suffers with.
High quality training that demonstrates your expertise.
Association with other industry leaders.
Attendance of seminars.

All of the above helps people to create their own internal decisions regarding wether or not they Know, Like & Trust you.

Hope this helps Ermo, remember, people hate being sold but LOVE to buy things that better their situation and raise their perceived value as a human. (Note perceived.)

Most will slam the door on a salesman but soak up valuable teachings if delivered with grace.

You’ve got this ?

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