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Everything you need to know Facebook Groups


Thought I’d answer a few questions I see pop up regularly in here around Facebook Groups.

My Facebook Group has been where 92% of my income has come from in the past 18 months and 100% organic. And if you haven’t seen Facebook are now promoting and optimising groups hard! (Even during the Super Bowl!)

Don’t stress if:

❌ You don’t have a group yet, or

❌ Your group is dead and needs reviving

We can fix these things with a few simple strategies.

Facebook Groups are HOT right now and it’s still only early days.. So if you’ve been holding back from starting your group then there’s never been a better and bigger opportunity than NOW. ?

Here’s 5 tips to help you easily grow and monetise your group in 2020 without feeling ‘salesy’ or ‘douchey’!

Tip 1️⃣: The first tip when it comes to Facebook groups is that you need to set up your free group as if you were pitching a completely COLD audience. Think as broad as possible here. It’s the widest part of your funnel. If you help ‘Male Dentists who help men in their 40’s in Nashville’ now is NOT the time to mention that. You want to cast your net to all ‘Dentists’ as you’re looking to grow a community of like minded people.

Therefore your group name MUST be keyword heavy and immediately inviting. (You’ve got about 3-4 words to play with here that people will see) Keep your business and brand name out of your group name, as likely no one knows who you are. You can brand everything INSIDE the group. ?

Tip 2️⃣: You have a golden opportunity to ask people 3 questions upon joining your group. Most people waste these by asking questions that are either too complicated or too pushy and this turns people away!

Firstly – ask a no-brainer question to do with your niche that is EASY for them to answer. Eg ‘Are you a dentist, or do you own a practice?’

Secondly – you might want to know how they found you? It’s good to know so that you know which traffic source is working best. IG, YouTube, LinkedIn, Email, Referrals etc.

Finally – you should ask for an email. But LISTEN UP!!! Do not make this compulsory or you will turn away more than 50%+ of people. Here’s how to gain 85%+ of email addresses in your applications while still growing your group.

Script: ‘Would like my free ‘Lead Magnet Title’? If YES drop your email here and I’ll send it your way!’ Boom.

Tip 3️⃣: Recently I’ve been helping people fill groups quickly and here’s a method you can plug-and-play right now and see results. Use this on your personal account, FB Page, Instagram and definitely email it out to your list. It will drive interest, boost engagement and create a buzz.

Script: ‘We’re starting a brand new group to [Result eg. Offer Free Tips] for [Niche Market eg. Dentists]… Who wants in? Drop a ‘GIF’ for deets ??‍♂️??‍♀️’

Let the comments roll in and let each person know that you’ll PM them the details. This drives engagement and social proof

Tip 4️⃣: SETUP YOUR PROFILE CORRECTLY – People WILL stalk you on Facebook (we’re all guilty of it) and you must have all signs pointing to your group when people visit your profile.

There’s 7 points you can use specifically on your profile and if you do it right, you’ll find your group growing like magic (trust me). Too much to go into here, but 2 main keys are your Tile Photo & Cover Photo.

Tip 5️⃣: Supercharge your Group Description. Here’s where you can collect the remaining 15% of those who choose NOT TO JOIN your group.

  1. Briefly describe your group and its benefits so that it obviously sounds tasty in 1-2 sentences.
  2. Include your juicy lead magnet link as a freebie.
  3. Then on the thank you page of your funnel (once they’ve downloaded your thing) re-invite them to come back and join your group. If you’ve warmed them up right, they will join.

I hope you’ve found a TONNE of value and simple tweaks that will make a BIG difference to your profile & group. ?

If you have any questions/feedback leave them below, happy to connect and help ?

Now get out there and crush your Facebook groups and serve your audiences to your highest ability!


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