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Entrepreneurs are betting their entire future on their own capabilities.

​They are confident that they can achieve much bigger and better results

​on their own, but as they become more successful,

​they also become increasingly busier,

​quickly getting buried in nonproductive details and getting trapped in complex non-profitable energy draining activities.

Those entrepreneurs who have escaped these complexities however,

have done so by organizing their entire personal and organizational progress around a concept called unique ability and unique ability means four things. One, doing what you are passionate about, the biggest entrepreneurial reward is being increasingly successful at doing what you love,

to being a hero to a growing number of great customers and clients

in the marketplace who's greater success will increase your success.

Three, being passionate and a hero in ways that continually multiply your income and your reputation and for combining,

being passionate, being a hero, and multiplying your results into 10 times growth.

Now, the moment that unique ability becomes the entrepreneur's guiding principle and operating strategy,

he or she can immediately begin achieving breakthroughs in simplicity, creativity, teamwork, and productivity.

The simpler things become, the more their results multiply.

The first thing to achieving this increased simplicity and multiplier growth is right away to identify five things you're doing right now that prevent achievement and actually drain your energy now over the next 90 days, eliminate these activities, stop doing them, delegate them to someone with unique ability in that area or outsource them at the same time.

Pick the five activities that you love doing the most, that create value for others and that increase your income and then focus your time and energy on doing more of them at the end of the first 90 day period.

Review your progress and then do the exercise over again.

Keep eliminating what isn't unique ability and keep expanding what is within half a year, you will notice a significant leap in your personal sense of morality, your momentum and motivation, and you will notice that big jump in your decision making, your creativity, your communication, your productivity, profitability, and most of all teamwork.

When entrepreneurs simplify everything they do just within the framework of their unique abilities, all of their teamwork continually multiplies across markets, across industries, and around the world.

The 21st century is increasingly the greatest period in history for working and living as an entrepreneur.

Those who focus all their time, efforts and teamwork on their unique abilities will enjoy entire lifetimes that are increasingly successful, satisfying, and significant.

What You’ll Do Before the Call

​Take 30 minutes to get clear about where you’d like to take your business and what might be standing in your way. ​

What Happens During the Call

During your Discovery Call, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Zero in on where you want your business to be three years from now.

Identify the most important obstacles in the way of achieving your goals. 

Gain clarity on the biggest opportunities you're excited about as well as the strengths you've developed.

Determine the next steps to take—your plan and path—to fulfill your entrepreneurial ambitions

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