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5 businesses you should start

Today we're going to be talking about five businesses that you can start in 2020 as a solo preneur and scale to the moon.

All right, so number one is digital products.

I'm really into building courses and eBooks and membership sites right now, and I think you should too.

it's a great way to make a lot of money and we're really in the prime of marketing right now.

So just to take a step back in, I'd say, you know, television commercials were how everybody basically blew up and all these huge businesses rode the backs of commercials for their advertising.

That's how they would reach the mass public.

Video commercials back then, they would basically just play at a random time.

They would buy a bunch of times slots on a network and they would hope that your desired customer would be watching.

They weren't able to do all the things that we're able to do now.

Now in days, it's getting more complicated quick, but if you know what your doing you can hyper target our desired audience.

So my goal is to reach 100 million people and I'm going to do that by creating a very active audience.

Then I'm going to sell them probably a mesh of these five businesses.

What I'm trying to get at is that we're at the golden age of marketing and you really should be taking advantage of this time right now because it's only going to get harder and it's only going to get more competitive.

But we're at a really good time where you can start and you can build something awesome because you can reach so many people and you can target your audience so well that it's kind of mind boggling.

So the five businesses, you should start that you can scale as a solo preneur

digital products, software, affiliate consulting, and then services that you can train someone else to fulfill on, to do the fulfillment for you or generating leads.
So digital products, courses, audio books, anything that you can sell online.

There's, there's tons of stuff that you can do, create membership sites.

The cool thing about these is you can put a lot of work upfront, automating them and building them out and then they can sell forever.

You know, that's the evergreen tactics mentality and mindset that you need to have.

But the cool part of why I have a personal edge and I'm going to teach you how to do it too, is I'm going to use SEO to rank all of my products and that's how it's going to become more of an evergreen content. And then on top of the SEO and the ranking number one on Google, I'm going to show you how to run ads on so many different platforms and we're just going to work and work until the product that you create sells.

I'm really excited about is create launch and monetize.

Getting people from where they are now and then getting them on the field.

You know, get out there and create your digital product and have it start selling.

If you can put $1 into Facebook ads and it makes you $2 then you never have to work another day in your life.

That's the beauty of, of all these businesses.

That's the beauty of it see you have to build it, you have to have good copywriting, you have to have a unique selling proposition and you have to get it in front of the right audience at the right time.

I love it.

I went to some marketing conference and the keynote speaker says.

You're about to open up a brand new restaurant.

What is it that you think is the most important for your restaurant success?

All these smart marketing guys start to answer.

One guy was like, location!

another guy, great presence in the area, good reviews

The last guys says an amazing chefs.

The keynote speaker say yep, that all great but what the most important thing is want is hungry customers!

I mean, that's the truth.

You need hungry customers!

So that they'll buy your products.

So you have to do the research upfront and figure out where there's slight gaps in the market that you can target that person to step in and fill it, disrupt with your digital product that you can sell and will sell over and over and over.

So you create one product, you create, launch it, you monetize it. And then while that one's making more money, you start the next.

Create a system where you're constantly finding new markets to disrupt and interject your digital product.

Next business is a software business or saas.

To start a software company now is a lot easier than it was.

You couldn't get in unless you had like 25 grand or something or $100,000 to start a build a software. Now, I mean you need like 2000 bucks, 5,000 bucks and you can find programmers on Upwork and you can have it all slapped together in a relatively quick time.

The barrier to entry is still fairly high because you have to have the idea and you have to know how to work with engineers and things like that.

But it's a lot cheaper now.

So to create a really good software that helps a person is really valuable.

And it's a cool skill that if you were to get in now it could take you many places.

I'm really into software marketing.

So if you have a program or a software you want to get into, reach out to me.

When your creating software think big.

I think all these niches are going to all have their own apps.

Now on their own niche apps are going to be thing.

Niche software can be so much more software for each group that they like.

They're all going to have their own little software programs that do special things for there niches.

Next business to start is affiliate.

So you can become an affiliate right now and get really good at affiliate marketing.

If you can create an ad for some high ticket product or you create a website that ranks and sells a high ticket items and you can make money, then it's an evergreen product. And you didn’t have to build it.

That's an evergreen deal.

You don't have to do any more work.

You just build it up front and then you maintain it for the long run and you ride it out and you get a couple of those and you can start making some serious $$$ as a solopreneur.

That's a really good way to start making sense.

Next business to start is Consulting

It doesn't quite scale like a digital products, software, affiliate marketing, but um, it's still awesome.

I mean all you need is a phone and a laptop, you can be anywhere in the world and you just have to get over your imposture syndrome and realize that you do have value and there are people out there that you can be a mentor to that you can be a coach.

I personally am an entrepreneur coach and a consultant.

If you ever need anything, any help, if you're, feel free to reach out to me.

I help entrepreneurs find their most productive, most profitable tasks so that they can be doing at any time.

I make them focus on that one thing until they 10x there purpose and then 10x their wealth.

I've got some really awesome funnels that I'll set up and I'll show you guys called Thrivecart.

I just send them straight to my Thrivecart and they pay for it and then they, they pick their time and then we get on a call. It's working really well.

I'll probably have somebody videos come out, show you guys some consulting funnels.

Final business you should start is a services that you can have someone else fulfill for you, fulfill done for you services.

So I'm really big in SEO and there's a lot of work that goes into a good SEO, but it all can be turned into a formula in a system.

Make this an evergreen business you learn how to do it first and then you just really focus on sales and marketing.

It can be a social media marketing business or whatever.

Even before you start the business, I would find somebody who can handle all the tasks.

Someone that actually does the grunt work.

And then you need to find somebody who deals with all the customers.

And then you need to find somebody who really manages all the sales.

So you can start by building this business with the end in mind then its time to scale that business.

And there's lots of potential.

There's also lots of competition.

If you did a service business and you can start creating affiliate sites for your, and with that, you really want to pick a niche and then you're just going to use skyrocket.

Now these are all five videos that solopreneurs should be starting right now.

If you need help scaling, I reach out to me.

But here's the disconnect.

So many people think that just jumping on some Facebook ads and stuff, people are just going to be buying your shit all over the place, jumping for joy.

But the truth is a lot of people just don't care about whatever your product is that you're serving.

So the disconnect is that we think and we see all these other people doing it, that somehow I'm just going to magically know launch and people are going to start buying.

So the answer to the disconnect is that we actually need to help people.

 You're not helping the computer, you're not helping the internet.

If you're actually helping people in real life.

 Take your head out of your box and really looking at how can I actually help the other person on the other side of the internet?

How can I deliver the absolute most value to these people?

You know, how can I disrupt an industry?

How can I solve an expensive problem?

And how can I over-deliver for this particular audience, this particular customer in real life, but through the internet.

Nothing, it happens effortlessly.

There has to be a lot of work.

But if you can already think about a desire, a hungry customer right on the other side of the internet that you can somehow provide them the value through the internet and then that's worth money to them and you make it a seamless process.

That's how you're going to be able to scale to them with anything, any of these or any other ideas that you have.

So you just have to really think about actually connecting with people though and actually looking them in the eye.

Sometimes they're having an event and not just being a closed off computer person, but actually having a thing where you actually can interact with people.

Because as connected as we can be through the internet and seeing things through our eyes and having, our mirror neurons firing in the background, it means a lot more if you're really delivering value and trying to help people with your digital products, your software, your affiliate, your consulting and your services.

So that's what I think at least.

So I'm going to try and do lots of stuff online, but I'm going to double down on actually connecting as much as humanly can, with real people.

And that's how you're going to scale.

Because anything that's in the marketing business is really more about making connections.

So we want to have as many relationships as possible.

Have as many connections with people and have as big an active audience that you possibly can.

Have people engaged with you and people that are learning and people that enjoy what you're doing and what you're doing is actually helping them.

That's how you can scale any business.

That's what lies underneath all the fancy, tech stuff.

 All the digital products and software’s and affiliate stuff is actually helping a real person.

So if you can route cold traffic to happy customer.

 That's actually being helped or actually has a real benefit in real life.

 So I think that's it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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