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4 Steps to changing your Beliefs

4 Steps To Changing Your Beliefs


As entrepreneurs and high performers, we can sometimes get stuck in our own mind. When you’re feeling a certain way, or you’re stuck in a certain state of mind, it can be hard to understand how to get out!

Ask yourself the following questions to get UnF*cked:

1) Is it really true? – Is what you’re thinking about a situation, or yourself really true? 9/10 times. It’s not.

2) Do you react? – How do you react to it? What happens when you believe this thought? Who would you have to be, in order for this thought to be real, or true? Go back to 1 and ask yourself this again.

3) Who would you be, without this belief? – Imagine you didn’t believe this negative thought about yourself.. who would you become?

4) What is the opposite of this belief? – What is the opposite of this belief you have?

In order to get to where you want to be, it’s important that your telling yourself the correct stories. See, it doesn’t matter if you’re making 5,6,7 or even 8 figures a year. If you want to get to that next level, in your life, whatever it is. If its money, health, wealth whatever. it comes down to the stories we tell ourselves.

I know for me, I struggled for years because of the story I was telling myself. I was better, I didn’t need help.. I survived my rare illness, I did this.. Blah blah.. But those were just stories I was telling myself, which really hindered me from getting to where I actually wanted to go here.

It didn’t help that I had people in my life, telling me I couldn’t do this.. I couldn’t do that.. I was ugly… I was short.. etc etc..

Therefore, I grew up believing I couldn’t do things..

But then, I started to change the stories I allowed myself to listen to.. I built a 6 figure marketing company then traveled the globe, was a snake breeder and now I help people get UnF*cked.

So ask yourself, what stories are you telling yourself? What would have to be true, in order for those stories to be real?

I hope this helps guys!

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